Timber Engineering

Municipal buildings

You’ll benefit from our experience here, as well…

Child day-care centres

Shortened building periods thanks to…

Kita in L-Differdange

Commercial buildings

For businesses…

Produktionshalle in Elsoff

Shared accommodations

Accommodations for asylum-seekers…

Holzrahmenbau Asylbewerberunterkunft

Sports centres

Large halls constructed in timber

Freizeitbad LesThermes in L-Strassen


Buildings for restaurants and hotels

Ferienhäuser am Gröberner See

Multi-storey wood structures

The multi-storey timber construction is trend-setting.

Wohngebäude F8 in Frankfurt a

Special buildings

Lookout towers, bridges…

Kirchenpavillon LGS Landau

Roofing & Facades

Complete solutions or individual projects

Kulturprojekt Alesia


Roof elevations & extensions

Dachaufstockung Dominikanerorden Mainz


Repairs & modernisation

Sanierung Die Basis in Mainz