Shared accommodations for asylum-seekers

Shared accommodations in Oberboihingen, GE | Builder: Landkreis Esslingen, Neckar | Architecture: Werkbau Architektur GmbH, Peter Mugele, Esslingen | Photographer: Horst Rudel

Room modules for the state capital of Stuttgart. Ochs GmbH developed and built four different turn-key room modules: Shower rooms, WC, Kitchens, Wash rooms.

Asylbewerberunterkunft in Holzbauweise

Shared accommodations for asylum-seekers in Neckarwestheim, GE | Planning: Dominik Agsten

Asylbewerberunterkunft Bickenbach

Shared accommodations for asylum-seekers in Bickenbach, GE | Office of Architect E. Kern, Grad.Eng., Alsbach-Hähnlein, GE

Execution of construction work

The requirements for the construction work depend on the length of stay of the residents.

This results in differing demands being placed on the overall construction project:

1. Initial reception accommodations (up to ca. 250 persons/building)

  • the focus is placed on a very short construction period
  • high-quality building shells, very basic interior fittings
  • often constructed as mobile buildings for 2 years, then dismantled
  • intelligent solutions provide for upgrading and continued utilization

2. Follow-up accommodations (up to ca. 100 persons/building)

  • simplified design makes possible short construction periods
  • basic interior fittings, yet of higher value when compared to the initial reception accommodations
  • increased space requirements/resident
  • intelligent floor plan solutions provide for continued utilization

3. Permanent accommodations (ca. 20 – 50 persons)

  • serves as a permanent residence, quality levels commensurate with “social housing”
  • this is where integration must take hold
  • no related planning/legal relief foreseen

Other shared accommodations

Wohngebäude der Stiftung Hofgut Oberfeld in Darmstadt

Housing development Hofgut Oberfeld in Darmstadt | Builder: Foundation Hofgut Oberfell, Darmstadt | Architects: AG Simon Gottstein Blumenstein, Darmstadt

Tagesförderstätte und Appartementhaus in Kastellaun

Developmental care facility for the regional “Lebenshilfe Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis e.V.” for five groups and apartment housing with 24 residential units. | We were the general contractor for construction of this turn-key extension. | Builder: Lebenshilfe Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis e.V. | Architects: König Architekten, Kastellaun