Roof elevations

The benefi ts at a glance:

  • Your property value increases.
  • Your quality of life improves.
  • The architecture is beautifi ed.
  • A roof elevation provides many advantages, particularly for the landlord.
  • Related measures can be carried out while the residence is still occupied.
  • A speedy on-site construction process guarantees the new floor level will be liveable and rentable in the shortest possible time.
  • If desired, we can construct turn-key roof elevations.

Elevating the roof is an economical option for creating new living area and utility space, as there are no property or land development costs associated with it. We will check fundamental building regulations and ensure the completed project meets the specifications you demand. Building plans very often provide for dormers in varying forms. We recommend improving the energetic concept of your building in the course of the corresponding expansion project.

Roof elevations and extensions require the expertise of specialists. What appears to be simple and inconspicuous usually entails a complicated intervention into the structural statics, the facade and the floor plan. The „look“ must improve and the increase in space must be significant. We will be glad to advise you as a competent partner.