• Ursula Woelfel Elementary School

    in Wiesbaden

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  • Plus-Energy Kita in Marburg

    Shortened construction times thanks to a high degree of prefabrication

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    +e Kita in Marburg
  • Nine multi-family houses

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  • 40 new residential units

    in Frankfurt a.M.

  • Lakefront holiday cottages

    We were the general contractor for construction of this turn-key extension

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  • Residential house in Mamer

    We transform your ideas into reality!

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Built with wood – ecological & efficient!


Timber homes for sale in Völkenroth

Would you like to make your dream of your own home come true? Is it important to you to live sustainably and healthily? Then contact us and benefit from our 200 years of experience in timber construction! For further information, please contact our Mr. Deffner: Mobil 0163/6931017 | Continue to the project

Eight new classrooms

July 2019
dach + holzbau Construction site of the month
The Erich Kästner elementary school in Darmstadt was expanded by adding a wooden construction. Although it was structurally necessary to orientate on the floor plan of the ground floor, the top-up created a contemporary learning environment … Read more: www.dach-holzbau.de

The movie: Promised Land. Life. Jobs.

Interview at RPR1

Carpenter Janina wins photo competition #likemyhandwerk2019

Chamber of Crafts Koblenz
Minister of Economics Wissing honors apprentice Janina Anderson for her photo messages per craft. Read on: www.hwk-koblenz.de

Rhineland-Palatinate Timber Construction Award 2018

Landesbeirat Holz Rhineland-Palatinate
Particularly successful wooden buildings were awarded the „Timber Construction Award 2018“ in Mainz. The temporary school Mobi:Space in Trier is one of the outstanding buildings.
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Rhineland-Palatinate Timber Construction Award 2018 – acknowledgement

Landesbeirat Holz Rhineland-Palatinate
A statically challenging experimental building: the church pavilion „Himmelgrün“ to the horticultural show in Landau.
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Ochs Timber Construction

Ochs GmbH, as a family-run business with long-standing tradition, is an award-winning specialist in timber construction – THE leading timber construction company in south-western Germany. We, the team surrounding Heinrich Werner Ochs, Grad.Eng.(FH), offer you quality, years of experience and product diversity at the highest standards:

We provide builders and owners with sustainable solutions for energy-efficient buildings. References and further information about residential homes, roof elevations and extensions made of wood can be found under the header Timber home construction.

You’ll find an overview of new building, extension and repair projects for communities, business, industry and building owners‘ associations in the Timber engineering section.

We carry out such projects as kindergartens, company day-care centres, swimming facilities, sports halls, production facilities, office buildings, hotels, youth centres, lookout towers, bridges and much more as general contractor or in the individual trades in close partnership with our customers. We provide complete solutions for facades and roofing.

Current building projects

Here you can see excerpts from our ongoing work on projects that are still under construction.

Photo 1 – 3: Building project Erlebnisreich Wohnen Balingen. Löffler_Schmeling architects PartG, Karlsruhe

Photo 4: Sanitary modules for the building project Erlebnisreich Wohnen Balingen. Löffler_Schmeling Architects PartG, Karlsruhe

Photo 5: New construction of an interim kindergarten in Darmstadt. ramona buxbaum architeckten, Darmstadt

Photo 6: New construction of a functional building with connecting corridor in Meisenheim. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Manfred Denzer, Becherbach

Photo 7 + 8: New elementary school in Nauheim. herzig | architekten, Darmstadt

Awards & Seals of approval received


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