Social commitment

Success is that much sweeter when shared. This is why we have promoted and supported numerous social and cultural institutions, as well as charitable projects and associations over the years.

We support in both word and deed „Hope for the Children International“ and their efforts on behalf of Romanian children. In 2001 and 2003, we founded a family residence, a school and the kindergarten „Cornerstone“ in the Romanian village of Dorohoi.

Ochs is committed to its local youth with the „Am Zug“ youth centre on the village outskirts of Kirchberg.

The company built this cleverly designed youth centre structured around two Berlin street cars acquired by Ochs especially for the project.

2016. 200 years Rheinhessen – Our neighbouring region, Rheinhessen, is celebrating its 200 year anniversary. We enjoy favourable business contacts with our neighbours and are pleased to take part in their festivities as a partner.