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Built with wood – ecological & efficient!

  • Ochs GmbH, Ingenieurholzbau, Objektbau, Kitas, Mehrgeschossiger Holzbau, Gewerbebau
  • Ochs GmbH, Ingenieurholzbau, Objektbau, Kitas, Mehrgeschossiger Holzbau, Gewerbebau
  • Ochs GmbH, Ingenieurholzbau, Objektbau, Kitas, Mehrgeschossiger Holzbau, Gewerbebau
  • Ochs GmbH, Holzbau, Holzhausbau, Dachaufstockungen, Anbauten


Shared accommodations for asylum-seekers

Shared accommodations for asylum-seekers
Refugee shelters are being constructed by the states, county districts and municipalities. They must construct, in the order described below, buildings representing differing durations of stay:
1. Initial reception accommodations – for ca. 2-4 weeks during the application submission process
2. Follow-up accommodations – for ca. 2 months during application processing
3. Permanent accommodations – for long-term residential dwelling
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WC-, Dusch-, Waschmaschinen- und Koch-Raummodule für Flüchtlingsunterkünfte
WC, shower, laundry and cooking room module for refugee shelters
Design and development: Ochs GmbH

September/October 2015, Architecture Européenne | Church pavilion for the 2015 National Garden Festival

Church pavilion for the 2015 National Garden Festival in Landau
A temporary, freely-exposed pavilion made of wood timber was designed and constructed for the Protestant and Catholic churches of the Palatinate for the National Garden Festival in Landau. The pavilion will be used by both churches for another five years following completion of the Garden Festival. Read More >

Architects: bayer | uhrig Architekten BDA, Kaiserslautern

June / July 2015, Architecture Européenne | Primary school in Schieren, LU

Schule in L-Schieren
The community of Schieren planned an extension to its primary school on the school grounds already existing in the centre of the village. This enabled them to take advantage of the present infrastructure. The size and volume of the school pavilions already in place blend nicely into the villagescape, being joined together through spacious areas and school grounds so that a courtyard-style building structure emerges. Read More >

Jonas Architectes Associés, L-Ettelbruck

Ochs GmbH

as a family-run business with long-standing tradition, is an award-winning specialist in timber construction. We, the team surrounding Heinrich Werner Ochs, Grad.Eng.(FH), offer you quality, years of experience and product diversity at the highest standards:

We provide builders and owners with sustainable solutions for energy-efficient buildings. References and further information about residential homes, roof elevations and extensions made of wood can be found under the header „Timber home construction“.

You'll find an overview of new building, extension and repair projects for communities, business, industry and building owners' associations in the „Timber engineering“ section.
We carry out such projects as kindergartens, company day-care centres, swimming facilities, sports halls, production facilities, office buildings, hotels, youth centres, lookout towers, bridges and much more as general contractor or in the individual trades in close partnership with our customers. We provide complete solutions for facades and roofing.